★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

OMG this is gay beyond any possible immagination. *shocked*
Thanks for sharing =)))

I'm glad I'm not the only one saddened by the lack of Kannon.

Even without him, though, this was pretty amazing. >>; Thanks for the quick summary!

So Sunrise decided to give the yaoi-fans something to *squee* about? Well it bloody worked, this is beyond ... well anything I expected, I swear I fell of my chair more than once! XD

Lelouch: Suzaku, why did you stop?
well raged lelouch actually said " why u didnt stop suzaku!!"

Of course he did.
*goes editing*

OMG I lol'd reading this, thanks for the translation!<3
I'm disappointed (and I think I'm the inly one it the world with Rolo xD) about this kiss... T___T" But it was really amusing to read!<3 Thanks for all the explanations too!!! *__*<3

Jaa, I'm going to play Kari Kari Chu Chu Game now! XD


LOL.. the part where the innocent days song starts playing and rolo shouting NIIII-SAAAAANNNNN~ was hilarious!!! XDD hahah..

Thank you so much for writing this all out! I can finally appreciate the sound episode, ...and I can't stop grinning due to the hilarity.

Thank you for a dazzling summary~

Thanks for the translation..
Sad for my poor japanese T T I can't translate it all by myself

This episode is Max fan Service!!
Kawaii Rolo Lelouch and everyone. They all say a pervert thing. Oh no what sunrise doing.

I like the part that Lelouch use geass too.. I can die for your sake X3

and in Ousama game..
What's that Rolo?? Kari Kari Chu Chu Game !!??
I laugh all that conversation.[and lose a lot of blood XD]

//going to listen again~

Thanks for the translation!!! *applause* It was hilarious!!! *can't stop giggling madly*


lol, lol! Dman you sunrise, you and your amazing fanservice <3<3<3
I didn't get to listen to it yet, but now I'm really excited *____*

I, Kitsu-nee Vi Fluffilicious, order you to grab your neighbour and play Kari Kari Chu Chu Game! <--- LOL, now this is Hilarious! xD
You're awesome, I love you! CX
Thanks again for your effort! *hugz*

Cool~ thank you so much! At least now I'll really understand what's going on. I recognized some words, but definitely not enough to get the whole thing, so this is a real big help. Still, I couldn't stop laughing when I first listened to it even though I didn't know exactly what they were saying...is this the power of Geass? LOL.

(Will probably comment again later after I've finished reading it.)

Awww, I was hoping for even just a small Kanon appearance too.

I LOL'd at Lelouch failing to Geass everyone each time.

The Kari Kari Chu Chu game wins my heart. TYSM, Rolo... your choices were wonderful. ♥

Sometimes you gotta wonder when they see the script what goes through their head. I feel bad for the English cast when (if?) they get to this episode, but it will be amazing.

>[ but no karaoke?

Thank you so much for the translation, I laughed so hard. Hhaha poor Lloyd.

Sorry my Japanese is really bad

But I swear I heard Rolo say "san ban to roku ban" aka Lelouch was no.6 T___T

But thnx a lot for the translation, I totally can't do it myself. Reading this was so much fun =D

Love the kiss. I really lol'd hard

But I swear I heard Rolo say "san ban to roku ban"
You're right. I hear roku too. WTF self? I shouldn't translate these things so late at night.
*goes editing*

Lol that was awesome XD
Thanks soooooo much for this :)

Oh dear lord, I can't stop laughing. I was dazzled by Gino's line~ ...But then he was dazzled by Suzaku... ;__;

I think this is the only time I've sympathized with Rolo. XDD Thank you so much for this, you're amazing. ♥

Thanks for the summary!

This track was epic, and I loved everything about it. Though, I think Rolo's "NII-SAAAAAAAN~!!!" scream was one of the funnier moments, for me. XD

I was really surprised that Lloyd was the first to say a pick-up line, too. And here I thought he was one of (if not the most) asexual character in this series. ^_^'

the most asexual character in this series
SO TRUE! I'm glad they included him in the drama but I kept wondering why Lloyd would go to a gokon?? Maybe he misunderstood it was a gokon with Knightmare Frames? He's so mechasexual at times...

im disappointed about lack of schneizel x kannon here too but schneizel not giving a shit about gender is oh so in character. >:3

Schneizel (and Lloyd?) was the most in-character here. Him manipulating Lelouch all the way was so classic too xD

(Deleted comment)
I don't watch School Rumble so I can't give you a definite answer, but it's a classic game, so it's highly probable that it's the same thing.


hahahhaha everybody gotta be gay in this sound episode!!

Rollo cheated on his niisan!! and Xing ke on Tianzii!! (and I always thought of Xing ke being manly... I suppose everybody deep inside is a little gay...)

(Rollo too was acting straight)

TT_TT rollo why did you have to do that!! whyyyyyy!!!!!

Wow, I know from the cover, there were going to be homolust, especially iwth Rolo grabbing Lelouch's leg, but man! I didn't think they play the kari kari chu chu game. Thanks for the summary.

Oh my...after that I'll start to call it CODE GAYASS,too!XD
Thank you so much for the translation,it was really fun to read it!=D <3
Ah,ah!Rolo and lelouch always amused me so much!XD


Thank you for sharing this! It really made my day <3

I can't stop sniggering and laughing while reading it. Sunrise is really having fun in all of the SEs... And pocky!? OMG XDDDD It's so classic XDDDD I assume that Sunrise's staffs in really a fangirl/fanboy in heart XD
And I have to agree with you with the lack of Kanon... *grin*

This is unbelievably gay~ O.o
Thanks for teh summary 8D

... The fangirls.. they're lurking.. >_>


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