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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Trailer
CG ☆ Kallen - DereDere spazzing

Look a this and tell me you're not super-duper hyped for it?

I know my words for MadHouse's anime adaptations of US shows/comics have not always been the kindest and to be perfectly honest I never finished the Iron Man and Wolverine animes, but this time it's a movie, with the budget that goes with it and making it less likely that the plot will be dragged on.

This will go on sale on April 16th, aka shortly before the theatrical release of Iron Man 3. I'm glad this time Marvel didn't miss their window. I hope I can get my hands on it before I see the movie (although those are different story/time lines/universes right? Because unlike movie-verse, in comic-verse Black Widow is sent to kill Tony Stark, and this looks more like it?). If I were still in Japan, I'd be at Tsutaya first thing in the morning -_-

Since there will be many Shield agents (I spotted Maria Hill I think?), could there be some Coulson too? I mean if you must add the Punisher, isn't that a little random?

Just give me an Avengers/Thor anime already Madhouse (preferably with all the crazy stuff that you can't put in movie-verse, like genderbent Thor and Loki. Those ladies would look slammin' in anime design). I'd even buy a BR player for that...

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this looks so sleek!

I am really excited for the new movie and I didn't know they'd have an animated movie tie-in. I hope this won't be just an intro to the action movie though

IDK but I think the anime and the movies are different universes anyway?

As I said, I haven't finished the Iron Man anime, but Tasha and Clint don't appear in it, and from the looks of the trailer they're sent by shield to stop Iron Man, which wouldn't happen in movie-verse.

Moreover, Iron Man 3 is set chronologically right after Avengers, so there's no real space for the anime in that timeline.

I'm expecting some sort of mash up between the Madhouse anime and the comic storyline when Black Widow is sent to kill Tony...

I'm super-mega-hyped for this animated movie!!!!!!!*_____*
They add even some TonyxPepper moments...I'm so happy!!!!!;__; <3

Yes,you see it right! Maria Hill is in the movie!;)

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