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And make sure to check my profile for infos on my posts, fandoms, downloading etc.
Commenting here is compulsory, if you don't I won't add you back.

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fluff fluffy fluff fluff!!!


Greetings to the Goddess of *FLUFF*


Like ya lots!

crazy fella, Lidi

Hui uiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiui

This is a LJ, so there should be some blog entries, right? :P

Have a nice 29th of April!
Write something in your LJ ;)

Lots of wishes

crazy black eyed Lidi

Hello Kitsune-chan!

I just discovered your livejournal by the Comicforum.
I cuddle you. ^_^



And thanx for friending me, I friended back^^
Unfortunately I couldn't left any comm at yours :(
I'll do it later^^

hellooo!!!hmm.. ween dat wuel ass?? x33
Merci fier d'Gléck, ech kann net son wei et gaang ass... ö___ö eischter schlecht, mengen ech... mee bon! xD

I dunno where!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Queen-Fluff!

There's no new topic where I could write in it, so I decided to write in here!
You're well?

Sorry that I didn't write these days but my oral exams have started I'm reaaaaaaaally busy ('cause I'm too lazy to learn and read properly :P)

On Monday *tamtam* my last exam!!!

What about u?

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo long,



Greetings to Michi :P

YOU can always write where you want^^
This is my personal spamm board, so feel free to be offtopic whenever you want XD

I still have 6 exams.... and it seems I can't leave campus before 27th when I get my marks... arrgh. I need holidayz ;___;

Greetz from Mallorca!!

Oh Geez, your LJ sucks with this computer ...


I missed that entry before...

Sankyuu for the postcard ;-)

(I didn't send any if anyone was wondering... not really a postcard-place anyway so... )


Sorry that I didn't write lately.
*viel zu viel um die Ohren gehabt*

But I'm glad to hear from you.

I hope you're okay.



No worries ;-)

Juhu!^^ Hier ist die Sush von Animexx! Du hast also auch ein LJ!^^ Wie schön!^^


I thought it's time again to say:

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelloooooooo fluffiest!!!

Hope your well.

As I've seen ya been to big cool Paris.

Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

who is it?!



Paris is love *___*

Thanks for passing by^^

[BTW is see my Maploco is back up; hooo~]

Kitsune-Chan! ^_______^

It's me, Ro-Chan! <3
*hugs you*

Do you want to friend me? ^___^
Please forgive my bad english >____>


Sure thing ^__^
*goes friending*

A few things I've to say before leaving cuz I can't say them often enough: I'm enormously proud of you for getting your Erasmus and I appreciate the your work for reaching it. Nevertheless, you can't image how happy you make me with your every-day presence. I'm glad to know someone like you.

See ya in a week at the latest,

This comment makes me feel so fluffy in so many ways~

Thank you. I will try my best (definitely!!) to make it to Berlin. I've just got to work my ass of. Guess I could do this. Just gotta spend less time surfing.

I don't want to disappoint you >__<"

Yes, enjoy your "holidays". And be brave. CG is "only" 25 episodes of epic mindfuck. You'll survive xD

Keep find myself here because of your Gundam crack, which was when I realized, oh wait, seen you at Geass community too.

Mind if I friend you?

Sure not, I'll add you back too^^
Yes, G00 and CG are two hell of cracky fandoms xD

We share many same interests. Code Geass, Gundam 00, FMA, Darken Than Black...

Friend me? :)

HI, it doesn't have anything to do with the post and I was just gonna drop by to say that your icon is cute. Allelujah dancing is....wow I mean tooo ooooooooooooooo cute.

By the way, do you have a video of this dance?? A link to youtube perhaps? I've seen many different anime version and I wanted to see the Gundam 00.

Short Caramelldansen (from which this icon comes)

Longer and better Caramelldansen of 00:
And here is a link for a DDL of the latter, but it's flv format:

Hope it helps^^
And yes dancing Alle is awesome win xD

i friend you is alright with you!!
i'm a clamp fangirl who sometimes write fanpoems and fanfics, do a lot of translations to clamp spanish comm and do meme i'm here because Su...
i love Kouga yun too !!!

Of course, I love making new friends^^

I sorta know you too, I came across your posts in the various CLAMP comms^^

Sorry for the Off-Topic-Spam, but ... I have no clue who you are, yet you have added me.
And I can't remember why that could have happened XD

Sooo ... could you please unfriend me? XD *cleans up LJ*
Thanks and sorry for the circumstances.

Well it happened for the simple reason that YOU added ME first!
I never add ppl whom I've never talked to (friending memes aside), but I get added A LOT from ppl whom I've never talked to and never talk to me after. I figured you were one of those who were here only for the DDLs and added you back without second thoughts.

*goes unfriending*


Hey fluffiest queen of fluff ever!!! Ya remember me?

It's Lidi. Yeah, I'm still alife.

How are ya? Still pinish I hope! (how are the studies, how and where is home? Aaaaaaaaaaand soooo much more to know!!!)

I'm very sorry for not having written these days, but I was so busy crying :-P. (Lots of stress, lots of entry exams and... you know.. life)
Buuuut, I'm back and I'm willing to write to you veeeerrry often (of course not so often as to go on your nerves ;-) )

Ah already spring time! *huch* Like an old lady I'm wondering about time passing so quickly :-P

I'm wishing ya a very nice day.
Today's a good day to dance like a crazy purple chicken, right? Yeah!

One hug, two hugs, and a very lot of hugs,


OMG you're aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

*millions of hugs back*
I understand you've been very busy, didn't catch you much on MSN either^^;;

I'm still studying in Belgium, and commuting between Belgium and Luxemburg. Which in my case means I'm more or less settled xD"

Silly, you NEVER go on my nerves^^ Even get an LJ account if you want! xD (I'm planning to lock more entries because this place is getting out of control)

Spring? Spring you say? *looks out of the window, sees cold and rain and wind*. Not rly here. But I get what you mean, can't believe it's alreasdy been more than 2 years since we were in England together DDD:

May I friend you? I lurk the Gundam 00 community, and you seem nice and entertaining. Hopeing to friend more people and get meself to be a bit more outgoing on lj...

Yes I remember you from the comm^^
Sure, I'll be glad to friend you back, but be aware that this journal is not 100% Gundam and I tend to write random sillyness. If you're ok with this then you're welcome^^ (I wouldn't want to spam your flist without telling you first xD)

Hello, I would like to thank you for sharing the scans for Holic and Tsubasa with us !! Your LJ is great and I like to read it, do you mind if I friend you please ? Thanks a lot in advance ^^

Sure, if you've looked around and like it here despite the anime rants and personal spam ramblings still like it here you're very welcome and I'll add you too^^

Sure thing ^____^
*does happiness dance*

I am a creepy stalker here to stalk you. Hey there. I, uh, accidentally stumbled upon your LJ a little bit ago. (You may have seen me around in the Geass comm? *shrug*)

Your Turn 5 post made me laugh lots, so I rifled through your posts poked around a bit. Your stuff made me laugh, AND you like Geass, 00, and Haruhi, so I figured I'd take the plunge and ask if I could friend you? =D

Yes I remember your icon you from the Geass comm^^
Thanks for dropping me a line; friending is sure fine^^
*goes adding*

=] Fellow Code Geass fan?? Would you mind me friending you?? (Also x_X do you by any chance have the original image of your friends banner??)

thanks for all the manga updates :D added you as a friend!

Ehehe, I stumbled onto your site while looking for Cornelia pictures to create a fan-post on my journal xDDD

I'm a budding LJ beginning to splurge my fandoms (as I realise / discover them ^^;; - such a wasted childhood). I'm finally up to date with Tsubasa! I only started reading it over a week ago and must make fanart of Yasha-ou.... when my drawing skills revive themselves.

よかった It's great to find someone who shares the passion. *nods*.

ne ne, am I fluffable Kitsune-san?

I may have sounded a bit harsh in my post but I LOVE making new friends ^__^

Welcome my friend~

hey! i found you through the code geass comm when i was searching for cg illustrations rebels info and love your blog! it's so much fun!! i think we share some fandoms, namely code geass, gundam00, CLAMP and junjou so yeah let me know~


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