★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

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xxxHOLIC ☆ Yuuko - Wish

Please leave a comment saying where you know me from.
And make sure to check my profile for infos on my posts, fandoms, downloading etc.
Commenting here is compulsory, if you don't I won't add you back.
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There's been a lot going on!
There just has to be a comment from me... but I couldn't decide on which post I should leave a comment, you're so active! 8-o
So I thought I'd leave a "heeee-hoo" here again.
Your stories about the con were very entertaining ^-^. *Hehe*

When are you heading to Jaaaaapaaan?
I wish I could go there too! I'm already looking forward to your report then. :D

Take care!

Hola :3! I found you while searching for "Meitantei Conan". Reading your interest, we also share Count Cain/God Child, Kuroshitsuji, Gossip Girl and some others that I didn't add such as Code Geass or CCS. It's so nice to meet more Yuki Kaori's fans ☆☆☆!!

Hope It does not bother to you If I add you as a friend ★!


No problem, just specify if you want me to add you back please ^^

Yes, please ☆!! If It's ok with you, of course =P!


I finally post here. We have a lots of anime stuff in common. =)

May we be friends ?! (=^-^=)

Thanks!! (^.^)

/add you back. (^-^)/~☆

Yays, finally collected myself to friend you. xD
I've read through mainly all of you CG posts, because I might not be as obsessed with CG as you, but I still like it. ^^ Also I kinda envy you for having that much of money to buy things. ;__;
Ehmso ^^" What else I should say? Will keep up with reading you bloggie, promise~

oh and.... eeeem I dunno how I found you. XD; I really don't remember. ;__; I usually don't remember these kind of... things. T__T
and... mind friending me back? =3 *jumps on Kitsune-chan and hugs*

Sorry, I'm slow noticing new friends request, things are busy here right now x_X
Don't worry about the "where you found me" part, you've talked to me before that's also OK, it's mainly to avoid random addings and people I've never spoke to before.

Hi, i realised that we share some common interests/likings (like gundam00, code geass, tsubasa reservoir chronicles).
can we be friends.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not sure I understood everything but... Good for you then?

<---- *ist definitiv an Gesprächen interessiert. Und hat nicht vor ihre f-list ohne Grund zu erweitern.*

Einverstanden? :)

~Fluffy-licious~ - Post a comment

Work smart, not until the night

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.

Hi there, awesome site. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting

Hello~ ^__^
Would you like to add me back? Pleaseee?
Don't worry, I'll leave a comment whenever I download something from here >_

OK I can add you.

But just so you know, I've removed most downloads from this journal^^;


Hello, was happy to learn of others reading Le Pacte des yôkai in French, so I had a look at your profile and you seem pretty cool =)
Mind if I add you?

Yes, let's support the French version of Natsume =)

Oh and HI THERE fellow person from Belgium. Now I HAVE TO add you ;)

Hnnn, I just PM-ed you, but just in case... friends?

Also, your 'stupid gaijin' icon rocks >D


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