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Hey fluffiest queen of fluff ever!!! Ya remember me?

It's Lidi. Yeah, I'm still alife.

How are ya? Still pinish I hope! (how are the studies, how and where is home? Aaaaaaaaaaand soooo much more to know!!!)

I'm very sorry for not having written these days, but I was so busy crying :-P. (Lots of stress, lots of entry exams and... you know.. life)
Buuuut, I'm back and I'm willing to write to you veeeerrry often (of course not so often as to go on your nerves ;-) )

Ah already spring time! *huch* Like an old lady I'm wondering about time passing so quickly :-P

I'm wishing ya a very nice day.
Today's a good day to dance like a crazy purple chicken, right? Yeah!

One hug, two hugs, and a very lot of hugs,


OMG you're aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

*millions of hugs back*
I understand you've been very busy, didn't catch you much on MSN either^^;;

I'm still studying in Belgium, and commuting between Belgium and Luxemburg. Which in my case means I'm more or less settled xD"

Silly, you NEVER go on my nerves^^ Even get an LJ account if you want! xD (I'm planning to lock more entries because this place is getting out of control)

Spring? Spring you say? *looks out of the window, sees cold and rain and wind*. Not rly here. But I get what you mean, can't believe it's alreasdy been more than 2 years since we were in England together DDD:

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I'm alive.. and youuuuuuuuuu toooooooo!

I really know what you mean with the LJ ist getting out of control. I had an myspace-account, I deleted it, it got too messy.

Hmnnnnnnnnnnn.. having an own LJ... I'm not sure... since I made this experience with myspace (what has something to do with my ex-boyfriend who sucked... what sucked :-P) I'm really not sure if I want to have something like that again.
I'll think of it and let you know. 'Cause my ex-b does not have such an account... so it wouldn't be much of a problem to stay "anonymus". (This relationship's broken for a while, but I don't want to give him a chance to check how I am, and he surley would check it, if he knew I had a new account.)
Aaaaaaaaah, ex-boyfriends, there's always so much to beef about ;-)

And yeah, the weather does not look, feel, smell or whatever like spring!

alright, hear ya very soon again, forgive for my ex-boyfriend-story, but I like it when people I like (haha, funny sentence) really know why I do something and why I don't.

I enjoy your stories a lot! Good that you're doing the "drinking, no driving".
This club is awesome where the drivers get free non-alcoholic drinks! *bravo* I couldn't remember if there was something similar like this around here.
By the way, the story's so funny. Drunken friends, when you're sober, are so weird :-P. (I always think I'm never THAT weird when I'm drunk... maybe I'm wrong, hehe.)

Scho, dasch war scher schön ^^



Re: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I'm alive.. and youuuuuuuuuu toooooooo!

You don't need to post you know, just get an account so see friends-locked posts or join communities. I've got many LJ friends with empty journals, it's a common thing here

(don't like myspace either <__<) I never drive when I've been drinking, or only when it wasn't really much or the distance is really short or it's an emergency. Otherwise we arrange things with friends to have a sober one. (suddnely remembers drinking parties in HH and PINK! Vodka xDD)

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