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[sharing] Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally vol03 RAW

Look what I found on share last night: 

DDL: [SS] + [MF]

 I'll upload the MF mirror on Monday, it already broke off twice today and now I've had enough. Hmph
Oh MF you're such a douche.
Done. MF is still a douche tho.

Older volumes and more CG mangas here
CG Doujinshis here

Leave a slice of pizza if taking, thx much.

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Awesome!!!Thank you so much for sharing!!!!>___< <3 <3

Ninja-fast replying skills O__O

Kitsu-chan sankyuu!=D *hugs* I love the cover!*-*

Prego <3
Lots of CC in this volume, so she deserves the cover^^

LOL! Do you speak italian?^^

RLL? *-* *start to watch/read*

Only like 3 words I'm afraid^^;; (I just remembered you were italian that's why~)

Someone needs to scanlate this NOW.

Lovely scans! Thank you so much for these!


Here's your slice of pizza, thanks so much <3

Oh, thank you very very much! :D


You know, if my scanaltions group wasn't so filled with work right now, I'd gladly clear a place for working on this. Ah well, the RAWs are awesome enough~

It's interesting as it's not a mere re-telling of the anime.

Would be cool if a group picked it up but don't push yourself if it's impossible^^;

The group I run is centered toward another fandom, but I can easily run to mangahelpers and find somebody willing to do the work...

After all, the scans are awesome quality, with no gutter shadow and minor rotating needed at most.

Maybe you can check if we're good enough for the project?

(the hardest part is going to be finding the translator)

There is already a group scanlating them (Geass Forums, link is in the linked post with the past volumes) but they seem kind of dead since over a year...

"Good enough". Don't say that, I ADMIRE -serious- scanlating groups because you ppl give us so much! (no love for the BNF ones)
I'd be glad to see any beginning of a scanlation.

Oh BTW just pointing this out, I didn't scan these, nor the older volumes. I found them on Share, but there are no credits for any scanner so I can't tell you who did. But certainly not me^^; (I wouldn't want to get any "scanner" credit in the event of a scanlation, at best "raw provider"? o_O Not sure I deserve that. As said, just sharing)

Yeah...before WoaA becaome serious, I volunteered to work for the Geass Forums, but they never replied after a certain point... -_-""

Mmmm...I guess we should work on some of the more nitpicky things, right~? XD

RAW provider does sound good.

I think I'll go over to MH to ask for people after my Critical Paper is done... ^-^""

No hurry, seems it's paper-time for everyone right now (including me in 2 weeks) so focus on the important stuff, scans aren't running away XD
But thanks for asking^^

Amazing!!! :D
Thanks a lot <3

Looks pretty awesome :D Thanks

(Deleted comment)
Damn you MF lol xD

Thank you :D


The song loops in my player just because of this awesome line...

Hey, just saw your entry at Celiss' LJ but didn't want to reply there^^; (so I hope you tracked this or I'm lost because I can't PM you either)

Do you want ALL the scripts or just a selected few?

(note: She rewrote them and posted new ones, but I'm stupid and forgot to save them orz I just have the very first version she posted at GFAQs.)

All if that's ok ^^;;

LOL I should like edit that bit "I CONTINUE TO FIGHT, I CONTINUE TO FAAIIIGHHHHTT!!!" out and put it as my ring tone or something xDD

*massive glompage*

Okies. Not immediately, am a bit busy but will zip them all up and give you the link in this thread if that's fine.


(... my ringtone is Lulu's epic girl scream... don't stare)

Thank you!

I keep laughing at turn 2, when he squishes Governor Calares and lulu is all "BWHAHAHAHHAHAHHA". That's my sms tone xD

but epic girl scream is epic.

Hmm... you made me ponder if Calares ultimate scream would not be a cute sms tone ♥ (<- WTF tastes??)

Calares-killing ultimate scream can be sms tone. Uber girly epic scream can be alarm tone.



Actually I changed my mind. I'll rather use CC's noise she made when she fell in the tomato container. Was kinda cute <3

And in case you were still waiting for these I am very lame I needed to go through my back-up DVDs to find the SEs, but now I've got them all.
All the scripts, Celiss' fangirl comments too (most of the time) and 2 charasongs *shrugs*: http://www.sendspace.com/file/053q8p

Awesome thank you :D

lol random Geass noises ftw xD

I liked Kallen's "Eh? EHHHHHHHHH!!!" in front of the Chinese guys xD

You welcome^^
I re-named a few files that I hadn't named correctly, everything should be fine now!

This show really cracks me up in more than one way...

btw, best icon(s) ever.

gheyness ftw xD

Thanks for the sharing!

Scanlating group

I don't know if anyone's picked this up yet, but there is a group doing this manga now. They translation isn't necessarily going to be high-quality, but... We're called LOCK, and this is the first manga we're attempting. I'm the translator, and my friend is the one doing the rest (including trying to figure out parts I couldn't get. ^_^;;) The two of us have only taken a year of Japanese, so it's not perfect but... if you'd like to read it, we've got a script for all of volume 1 up and chapter 3's done completely.
manga, under Nightmare of Nunnally of course.
Again, I don't know if anyone's already doing this or not, so if they are, you should probably go there. ^_^

So goddamn late... >_<
Yet I wanna say "thank u" for sharing this. :3
Domo arigatou gozaimasu~~

No worries, sometimes people miss the links, so I repost them a lot, so I really don't mind. Just enjoy the scans^^

thanks for sharing the files! *hugs*

many moons later, I snagged the volume - and several others - thanks SO much for them. KoN is amazing ~

Thank you for sharing, taking; also took the previous two volumes~

Taking, thank you SO much. <3

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