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Code Geass R2 Sound Episode #6 Summary 1
CG ☆ Rakshata - bewbs

FINAL CODE GEASS R2 SOUND EPISODE! It's really gonna be over after that? No wait we still have the novels *sigh of relief*

First reaction: What, THREE(!!) SOUND DRAMAS?? Two are already enough... I need over an hour per track!
So I'll do it stepwise. Starting with the first one, the others will follow during/after the WE.

As usual, this does not aim to be a line-by-line translation, rather a detailed summary I put together with my fail-japanese skills. If you master 日本語  better than I do, feel free to correct anything you think not accurate.

{} = my thoughts
[] = additional explanations


First drama track:
「るるる 合コン ラプソディー」or "Rururu Gokon Raphsody"

[I'm sure you're familiar with "Gokon" from various shoujo manga, but if it's not the case: Gokon are sort of group dates, where boys and girls meet, go to Karaokes etc in hope to find themselves a BF/GF amongst the invited ppl. Usually teenagers do that.]

Drama begins with Lelouch, Gino, Jeremiah and Rolo getting ready for a Gokon. Lelouch already has determined various patterns of possible outcomings for this. To their common surprise, enter Suzaku, Xing-ke, Schneizel and "Hentai Megane" [aka "perverted four-eyes] {Lloyd ;___;}

Lelouch gets angry at Suzaku for coming here, Suzaku thinks he might have gotten into the wrong room but it doesn't seem like that. Everyone is puzzled. Suzaku receives a mail from the invited girls who decided to cancel last minute.

Awkward silence.

Suzaku: "Well let's fill the silence LOL"

Schneizel, composed as usual, asks what this fuzz is all about and why they couldn't hold the Gokon together {I'm sure this is part of his cunning plan to defeat Lelouch: by taking away his harem first!!}
Lelouch cannot accept this since a Gokon is supposed to be between girls and boys. Schneizel replies sth as trivial as gender doesn't matter {OK I'm expanding here, but it's more or less what he means xD}

However, Lelouch agrees, but he thinks they must confirm something first: everyone gathered must reveal their sort of secret technique/killer-line to make the girls melt {pick-up lines?} but they can't use basic stuff like "I love you". It has to be sth that nonetheless leaves a strong impact on the girls.

{only Lelouch could come up with sth like that}

*sound of everyone in awe*
Since everyone agreed, Lelouch motivates everyone by making them repeat the motto of it
Lelouch: "REPEAT AFTER ME" {COMPLETELY random English interjection. Love.}

Lloyd, to Gino's surprise, is the first to speak up; his line is {as expected} OMEDETOU~
Seems Suzaku doesn't quite get it.

Schneizel is second, and starts talking about spring, spring breeze, princesses and cheesy stuff like that {I assume it's highly poetic}
Lelouch cuts him off. {keh, that idiot, I know I was dazzled <_<"}

Lelouch selects Gino for the next attempt. Gino barely started saying something about roses, a loud sound like an explosion is heard. Jeremiah then starts talking like a clichéd homosexual {o_O dazzled by Gino?}
Lelouch says Gino's is not real line, just something host-like.
Rolo is disgusted by Jeremiah's attitude {XD "Kimoi ne"}

Rolo wonders if Jeremiah has anything to say. Jeremiah plays shy, then remembers to switch back to his normal voice. Rolo has to insist to make him reveal his line, but instead he goes on rambling about a woman, but no one believes him and he does not even get to reveal a line.

Lloyd is curious about Xing-ke, who starts coughing and collapses. He explains Rolo [chosen to be his partner in this act, because of his "baby-face" {because it should remind Xing-ke of Tian-zi??}] that he hasn't got much time left. Loud sound of explosion again, Rolo was hit in the heart xD and acts all ashamed by "playboy Xing-ke"'s words before he snaps out of it {and we thought there was only nii-san in his yandere-heart...}

Lelouch says not bad, but Gino thinks it's nothing compared to Suzaku's skills. He recalls a conversation with a girl in a Japanese restaurant [this is still naive!Suzaku, so he said sth totally ordinary but was misunderstood and didn't notice]. Lloyd and Schneizel{!!} are completely dazzled, and start this ghey act too {Schneizel ;__; You used to be kinda cool}, so are Xing-ke and Gino {Sunrise, are you sure you need to max the canon ghey even more? Weren't 50 episodes of homolust not enough?}

Lelouch can't believe it, but is confident in his skills. Of course he thinks about .... GEASS!
Lelouch: *geass* LOVE ME!

It nonetheless works on Rolo: "Nii-san y u so cool <333"

Gino reminds him of his own rules and that you can't use those words.

Even if so, Lelouch has another one;
Lelouch: *geass* DIE FOR MY SAKE

They all die, end of Code Geass *shot*

Everyone: Damn that was a close one....

Lelouch: And what about this? *geass* If it's not love, wouldn't you mind dying?
Xing-ke: If it hadn't been for Jeremiah we'd be done for good...
Lloyd: LOL sucks for you Lelouch
Lelouch tries again, {and probably again and again and again...}

Gino concludes all Lelouch's killer-lines were just Geass. They should advance to the next step of the Gokon: the King's Game! [="ousama game", another thing you might know from other mangas, it's like drawing lots and whoever as a result of this becomes the king has the right to command the others]
Rolo asks about this, and Lelouch answers by reciting the entire history of the game, dating back to old Russia bla bla bla.

Lelouch wants to pass, but Schneizel provokes him, saying "if you can't get a hold of this game, how could you get a hold of the world?"
Lelouch being Lelouch he responds to provocation just as the enemy expected {you should work on that short temper Lelouch, really}
Lloyd notices this and lols, praising Schneizel.

Lelouch gets all excited and the king's game begins!!
*assuming they're drawing lots*

The king is... ROLO!
*everyone collapses*
His first order is for #3 and #6 to do the "kari kari chu chu game"
[additional note: the lots everybody draws also feature a number, so the King can order number this and number that to do things together, against each other etc. Yes it's as silly as it sounds.]

"Kari kari chu chu game" two ppl nibbling on the same pocky {I'm calling it pocky, Lelouch says "stick snack"} from each end and eventually their lips meet when they don't pay attention and end up "kissing" ["chu chu"]) {this explanation sounds silly, surely you MUST have seen that in a manga before. Heck, even "The Lady and the Tramp" is illustrative enough!}

#3 is Suzaku and #6 is... Lelouch!
{Oh Rolo, fail much?}
He wants to cancel that order, but the King's orders are absolute and cannot be objected.

Suzaku: plz don't raep me W-wait Lelouch!!
*sound of Lelouch stuffing a pocky inside Suzaku's mouth*
{the plot bunnies... legions of them...}

Lelouch is full of fervor because he refuses to lose, for he is Lelouch Vi Britannia and starts eating the other side of the pocky.
It seems Jeremiah is the referee.
The other ones comment and root for their fav. Schneizel compares it to some ancient war tactic and Jeremiah thinks it reveals a true man's soul.

As everyone wonders who will first give up...
*KISS noise*
*Innocent days starts in the BGM*

Lelouch: Suzaku, why didn't you stop?
Suzaku: Lelouch, that's because we're friends right? [that's his line from the S1 finale, the dramas like to re-use and distort the original quotes]

*telephone rings*
Schneizel makes Suzaku pick up.
[it seems they were in a karaoke box because they get a call that their time is over. Karaoke boxes are rented for a specific amount of time and when it's almost over you get a call from the clerk so you can finish your song&food and prepare to leave]

Lelouch stops Suzaku and wants revenge, so everyone is in for another King's Game.



I wonder if calling Gino a host was an intentional pun on this picture and the many similarities in general between Gino and Tamaki?
Naaaah, wishful thinking. But if Ouran was by Sunrise, definitely.

I was disappointed Kanon did not barge in at the end to claim back hubby Schneizel who sneaked out to meet with young men, while Kanon was, as the good housewife he is, doing the shores.
In a couple-dynamic, Schneizel would be the ever amused husband who doesn't take anything seriously concerning others, and Kanon would be the short-tempered wife, devoted to her husband but losing her head over his idc-attitude.
Kanon-okusan: "Maah, otousan, what were you thinking again?"
Schneizel-hubby: "Ahahahaha, iinjanai okaa-san?"

Please excuse my inner-mind-theatre went a little wild OTL.


That's all for this track, stay tuned for more later.
But wait!
I, Kitsu-nee Vi Fluffilicious,  order you to grab your neighbour and play Kari Kari Chu Chu Game!

OMG this is gay beyond any possible immagination. *shocked*
Thanks for sharing =)))

I'm glad I'm not the only one saddened by the lack of Kannon.

Even without him, though, this was pretty amazing. >>; Thanks for the quick summary!

So Sunrise decided to give the yaoi-fans something to *squee* about? Well it bloody worked, this is beyond ... well anything I expected, I swear I fell of my chair more than once! XD

Lelouch: Suzaku, why did you stop?
well raged lelouch actually said " why u didnt stop suzaku!!"

Of course he did.
*goes editing*

OMG I lol'd reading this, thanks for the translation!<3
I'm disappointed (and I think I'm the inly one it the world with Rolo xD) about this kiss... T___T" But it was really amusing to read!<3 Thanks for all the explanations too!!! *__*<3

Jaa, I'm going to play Kari Kari Chu Chu Game now! XD


LOL.. the part where the innocent days song starts playing and rolo shouting NIIII-SAAAAANNNNN~ was hilarious!!! XDD hahah..

Thank you so much for writing this all out! I can finally appreciate the sound episode, ...and I can't stop grinning due to the hilarity.

Thank you for a dazzling summary~

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the translation!!! *applause* It was hilarious!!! *can't stop giggling madly*


lol, lol! Dman you sunrise, you and your amazing fanservice <3<3<3
I didn't get to listen to it yet, but now I'm really excited *____*

I, Kitsu-nee Vi Fluffilicious, order you to grab your neighbour and play Kari Kari Chu Chu Game! <--- LOL, now this is Hilarious! xD
You're awesome, I love you! CX
Thanks again for your effort! *hugz*

Cool~ thank you so much! At least now I'll really understand what's going on. I recognized some words, but definitely not enough to get the whole thing, so this is a real big help. Still, I couldn't stop laughing when I first listened to it even though I didn't know exactly what they were saying...is this the power of Geass? LOL.

(Will probably comment again later after I've finished reading it.)

Awww, I was hoping for even just a small Kanon appearance too.

I LOL'd at Lelouch failing to Geass everyone each time.

The Kari Kari Chu Chu game wins my heart. TYSM, Rolo... your choices were wonderful. ♥

Sometimes you gotta wonder when they see the script what goes through their head. I feel bad for the English cast when (if?) they get to this episode, but it will be amazing.

>[ but no karaoke?

Thank you so much for the translation, I laughed so hard. Hhaha poor Lloyd.

Sorry my Japanese is really bad

But I swear I heard Rolo say "san ban to roku ban" aka Lelouch was no.6 T___T

But thnx a lot for the translation, I totally can't do it myself. Reading this was so much fun =D

Love the kiss. I really lol'd hard

But I swear I heard Rolo say "san ban to roku ban"
You're right. I hear roku too. WTF self? I shouldn't translate these things so late at night.
*goes editing*


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