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June Magazines spazz

Clearly I must have selected the wrong shipping method, as my mags arrive in no time these days. I should check the bill to be sure...

June Animedia:

Kamigami-tachi no Gosui

Fullsize: [1] [2] [3]
I'm afraid that's where CLAMP's contribution ends. But those were damn nice colorpages...

Other goodies:
Postcards [set1] [set2].
The shitajiki is K-ON! on both sides.
It also comes with the 4th (and last?) Celestial Mission Report.

June Newtype:
[shimarisu no hoobukuro advert]
[Mouryou no Hako DVD box advert]

Not photographing Kobato. as I'm sure it'll be scanned properly ASAP.

NT also comes with a loot of furokus, the funniest being of course the DIY tissue box with Alphonse (I'm contemplating making it, as I'm currently quite sick and could need the tissues *sniff* )
It also comes with an FMA Brohood shitajiki and this

which I mistook for the up-teenth G00 guidebook, but NO!
You need to unfold it and it become this:

(I placed the shitajiki next to it so you can have an idea how HUGE it is! I had no idea!)

Must now proceed to get some free space on my walls to display this one.
And my newly-bought Wolverine posters. Why yes I bought the 4 filmposters. And I'll proudly display those too. No I don't believe in growing up. And I think I've earned my "Creepy Fangirl" tag by now...

Tags: clamp, gundam00, in which we don't believe in lj-cuts, kitsune is obsessed yet again, tieria = love
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