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★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

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Japan: 2 months
CG ☆ Kallen - Now that you're back
Today I've been in Tokyo for 60 days. This is not the longest time I've been abroad, but it's twice as long as my longest stay in Japan so far.

Things are going well for me, I love the life here, made friends but university keeps me insanely busy, so much that I've barely traveled so far! I think I will use the opportunity of my cousin and lucy_hp coming over to visit some places with each of them. Cous' arrives this month, so we should be able to do some momiji viewing.

I don't really know what to write here, 2 months isn't such a milestone for me. Sure it's crazy that I'm finally in Tokyo, but that's about it. I love every day of it, but I also start to miss my parents. I miss it that my IRL friends barely contact me. I get a handful of emails (you know who you are), but I get kinda jealous when roommate/classmates talk about how much they talk on Skype, receive letters and even packages from their friends while I just sit there and refresh my email inbox every day in hope of. I guess everyone is busy with their own life, but I can't help feeling a little left out. Luckily I have all my wonderful online friends who don't really care about time zones and still interact with me like nothing changed^^

Occasionally, I do something cool on weekends. Tomorrow is such a day, I'm going to AGF 2012. I will use the opportunity to take pictures of Ikebukuro/Otome Road and finally update the master post, because quite a few things have changed in 2 years.

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Glad to read that you're so happy.

If you want someone to skype to, I can try. But I think my webcam was build in upside-down... And if you want anything from old Europe just tell & I'll send.

Have fun tomorrow.

But you're coming here in person, that's even better!

Hehe thank you, but my parents just sent me a package, I think I have all I need. I will tell you again next month if anything comes up ^^

60 days?! It's been that long already? Where has the time gone? XD
Well, I guess, this is a busy time...

Have fun momiji viewing and at the AGF! ♥
(And then tell us all about it, yes~)

IKR? You blinked and October was over. WTH.

Will definitely post about AGF, but tomorrow, now I'm sooo tired ^^;

That's amazing! I'm sure the experience of living somewhere else, but Japan! Must be so–––IDK AMAZING! And I totally understand what you mean about feeling homesick and stuff, but we're all here for you at least!!

Also, if you ever try Katsudon, I want pics >:D

It's really hard to feel "homesick" really, because Japan is SO amazing, and I've always wanted to live here. I just miss my parents & some friends, but not really all of my "home" ^^; IDK if it makes sense.

Oh, no, it does, it does! It seriously does! But I'm sure the feeling won't be as strong as time goes by ♥ enjoy your stay around, I'm really happy you've gotten where you wanted, Kitsu-tan! ~

Hehe thank you ^^ I plan to continue enjoying Japan~

It's curious that you don't know what to write here - I would describe people, places, food that I ate, random things, nature, things I do... and I would post a huuuuge amount of pictures! Sort of travel journal :)

It's not my first time in Japan so for me these things hardly surprise me anymore^^;; And I lack the time for extensive/in-depth posts D:

I take pics, but do not take the time to upload them. My tumblr has some random pics tho, if you want to check it out:

I'm happy that you are ok in Japan!

But it is bad that you haven't the time to visit more places... I hope you have more time in the future!

About missing your family is only normal two months is a lot of time

*a BIG hug*

and i know about RL i have no friend of that either after i finish Uni all of them disapear...

But i have all of you!!

And if you need me even if i can't sent you a parcel, because i have no money i have email and skype
I'm in the -3 zone but i'm until 3 am so if you tell me in lj you will be there in skype i will be there too :)

And there's the fact that I've already done all the sight-seeing that one should do in Tokyo so I don't have this need to discover things like first-time visitors do.
I will probably travel more during spring break when my family comes (I hope^^; )

Thank you you're so nice, but no need to stay up until 3am for me^^;
I appreciate all the messages I get here on LJ already =)))

Wow!Time really flies! I didn't notice that two month already passed!=D
I hope you will have a lot of fun even if Uni take almost all of your time!!!! *cross fingers*

I'm really sorry to hear that about your IRL...I know that people may be busy with their life but at least an e-mail or a sms...but,as you said,we'll be here always for you!!! *BIG-TIGHT-HUGS*

I hope you have/hade fun in Ikebukuro!!!!!*A* ♥

*hugs back*

Yes, Ikebukuro is always a lot of fun =)

Oh wie die Zeit fliegt lol
Schön,dass es dir gut geht :)

Hach das mit den lieben Freunden kenne ich und das ist bei mir sogar noch trauriger, weil ich sie nur alle Jubeljahre mal sehe, obwohl wir alle "in der Nähe" wohnen 8'D So lange sie wissen,dass es dir gut geht und du weißt,dass es ihnen gut geht, finde ich es auch nicht schlimm. Zu Not gibt es ja noch WhatsApp, aber du benutzt wahrscheinlich eine jp Handykarte? :o
Hast du mal deine Eltern kontaktiert, dass sie dir was zuschicken sollen? :)

Ja ne, Oktober wo wann?

Ich konnte keine SimCard für mein Smafo kaufen, also benutze ich ein Japanisches keitai... das mich so schon genug kostet also nix fancy apps für mich ^^;;

Jepp, nach ewigem Betteln hab ich die lieben Eltern so weit gehabt, dass ich ein Paket bekommen habe. Eventuell bekomme ich was zu Weihnachten? Wäre aber etwas komisch, da ich ja keine Weihnachtsgeschenke mehr bekomme lol

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