★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

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I've conquered Comiket!!
CG ☆ Kallen - DereDere spazzing

A 3-days' quest that challenged my patience, endurance, feet and demanded a strong will (i.e. to resist and not buy every single things because OMG SO SHINY COME TO MEE!!)

I'm proud to say that I've completed my first pilgrimage to teh Comiket Market aka Otaku mecca. Now I can die in peace*


(Yes that's a Person of Interest Doujin)
70% of Day 1's BL Doujins were TaiBani... Sherlock (BBC and Movieverse) close second. We were surprised by the amount of doujins for US TV series (Criminal Minds, NCIS, Hawaii Five 0, SPN, etc.)


Real dudes cosplaying Tiger & Bunny:

Cosplay wise, the popular series were of course the most represented: TaiBani, MadoMagi, MacrossF, K, Magi, InuXBoku, Sword Art Online, ~monogatari, Vocaloid, F/SN etc. but we found some gems like Natsume Yuujinchou.

This guy tho xDDD

In the end, I chose not to cosplay. You had to sign up in advance, you couldn't arrive in cosplay but had to queue for the changing rooms, pay for a locker, it was damn cold on Day 3 and I was kind of intimidated TBH. Some cosplayers got a LOT of attention, I don't think I could have handled that. Or I would have sat in my corner looking alone and stupid. I'll stick to European cons.

*lies. Obviously no one's dying before seeing the end of Phase 2 (and possibly Phase 3), silly.

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Hahah. And here I just asked you if you had been to Comiket - oh yes. That pic of yours is pure fun!

Some cosplayers got a LOT of attention, I don't think I could have handled that. Or I would have sat in my corner looking alone and stupid. Being a foreigner, chances are you'd have sat in your corner for a long while, until they figure you spoke Japanese and dared to approach you... those who weren't too intimidated, at least. It's what happened to us. =\\ Still, I got called mecha ikemen a number of times... which is always fun XD

Thank you, I'm quite fond of the pic myself I must say^^;

Ooh, what did you cosplay? Perhaps I saw you. Especially since I watched a lot of cosplays on Day 3. Had I known, I'd have paid more attention to gaijin cosplayers^^;

Happy new year ♥!

Title and picture never more appropriate ;)!

Are you taking part of the Real Escape Game x Detective Conan or is It just the advertisement? I know there's a special event on March =D!

From all fandoms, I wasn't expenting to see a Person of Interest Doujin!!! WoW! I loved the cover art ♥! And that Benedict ♥!

Happy New Year to you as well~

I'd love to take part, but I won't be in Japan anymore by then D: I'm forever sad I'll miss this exciting event ;____;

PoI was even on the cover of last month's Tsutaya mag, I guess JJ Abrahams series are pretty popular here? But it was the only doujin I saw (but the art is beautiful so it's a good purchase)

I simply love your photo!XD ♥

AWH!!Sherlock doujinshi!!!I LOVE that cover!!!♥♥♥

Oh!Freebies are always goods!!!♥ Conan!!!!!*O* ♥

Thank you ♥♥

Sherlock was very popular at this year's Comiket, doujinshi everywhere! I picked the one wit the nicest cover.

Haha but I think I now have TOO MUCH of the freebies^^; So much paper piling up everywhere...

asdfghjkl the Sherlock Dojinshi *O*
Und Tiger&Bunny Cosplay...hach, Tiger&Bunny=Liebe. Wird es da eigentlich mal eine Fortsetzung geben? Du weißt das doch bestimmt ;) Meine mal was von einem Kinofilm gehört zu haben?

Man könnte sich an Sherlock Doujis hier armkaufen. SO VIELE. Ich suche mir die mit dem nettesten Art aus, sonst wird das nie was.

TaiBani Movie lief im September an, DVD/BR erscheint schon Ende Februar. Es ist 40% re-telling der S1, 60% neuer content. Ich habe den Film leider verpasst D: Kino in meiner Nähe hatte den leider nicht.
Es ist auch die Rede von einem 2ten Kinofilm, also abwarten =)

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