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Fukubukuro 2013
CG ☆ Kallen - DereDere spazzing
I met with reimaru last week, which reminded me that I still haven't posted the full pics of my fukubukuro loot! Well then, on to the pics & explanations:

Fukubukuro 2013 (Tokyo):
I woke up extra early on January 1st, first at 5:30am to see the first sunrise of the year, then again at 6:30 to get ready and be in Harajuku at 8am, in time to pick up some cash and start looking around. LaForêt said they opened at 9am, but most people were already inside and buying at 8:30 when I got there. The stores in Takeshita doori only open at 10am, but some like Matsumoto Kiyoshi were already open and selling. Their makeup fukubukuros sold out real quickly, I managed to get these 2:

-Matsumoto Kiyoshi Fukubukuro 2013:
Price: 1000Yen and 2000Yen

As you can see, none of these bags were much of a surprise, since the contents were displayed on the bag so you could guess what would be inside.

These are also pretty good deals, considering the first one for 1000Y has a mascara worth 700Yen and the bigger one contains eyelash glue worth approx. 1000Y already.

My favorite is the first one, because BB cream as well as mascara and eyeliner from Heroine Make for only 1000Yen is a pretty nifty deal. Sadly they were sold out in the morning, or I would have gotten another variation of the 1000Yen ones.

-Claire's Fukubukuro 2013:
Price: 1000Yen each.
This was a fukubukuro I was really looking forward to, and it was pretty exciting. They had 4 types of bags on display, you could choose according to your style: "Sweet & Child-like", "Pop and bright", "Kawaii" and "Diva". These titles represent more or less what Claire's offers, because if you've ever been to their stores (especially in Tokyo) you noticed that they cover a large variety of styles. I figured "Diva" would be closest to my style (haha) and got a "Kawaii" for the heck of it, because you can never be too kawaii desu nee. But mostly it was really cheap, I was frigging curious and I got points on my Claire's point card and now I have a 1500Yen coupon from them, hell yeah.

This is "Diva", mostly black & pearls.

This is "kawaii", indeed.
(it's not all of the contents, because it's been 2 week already and I gave away/traded some of the items already, but you get the general idea)

As you can see, most of it is hairdo accessories. I have a 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet and 2 pouches, but no earrings. This is a bit of a let-down, so I purchased a piercing-only fukubukuro:

- Paris Kids:

Ahem. Aside from the bottom left and the pink ones, I don't see myself using the others (especially not the beach-sandals ones, they weigh a ton each!!). But then again it was only 315Yen, so the price of 1 item at that shop, the 4 others are omake.

- Mister Donuts Fukubukuro 2013:
Price: 2000Yen
As previously explained, the MisDo grab bags were generic, and contained the same items, with only a few
color variations. This is what I got:

A blanket, small towel, 2 boxes and an eco-bag. Not on the picture: Coupons for 20 doughnuts.

-Starbucks Fukubukuro 2013:
Price: 5000Yen
(there was also a 3000Yen version, but much less interesting content-wise, and I wanted at least 2 packs of coffee beans and a tumbler for lucy_hp).

The contents were pretty generic as well,  with minor variations in the design of the cups & tumbler I guess? I was able to peek inside the bags and the contents seemed all the same to me, even to the coffee beans:

This grab bag is a very good deal. Each pack of coffee is about 1300Yen, the cup and mug 1400Yen each, meaning everything else I got is basically for free (BTW the card in the middle is a coupon worth 590Y, aka a Venti beverage). As I got this bag for the coffee and not the goods, I am entirely satisfied. If Ihadn't been on such a tight budget, I would have gotten another StaBa one, or one from Baskin Robbins (but the goods were also Snoopy, aka uninteresting for me, I just care about the ice-cream).

And finally a few pictures of Harajuku on January 1st, aka Fukubukuro Day:

LaForêt was showy and impressive as usual. I don't quite get the relationship between taiko and consumerism, but it was an enjoyable show.

Forever21's bags were the biggest disappointment for me, their samples had NOTHING that was remotely tempting for me, and the bags were ugly as well.  But since the store is cheap anyway, I don't really mind and can shop there whenever I want anyway.

Queue for LisLiza's bags.

Ready to be auctioned off I guess.

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It was very crowded indeed. At some places, the police had to regulate the flow of people or we would have crushed each other with our purchases xD"

BB cream is a good thing, because it moisturizes and looks very natural, so I use it whenever I'm in a hurry or don't want to put on too much makeup. I'm not so fond of western brands because I don't like their texture. Like with every make up, it's about finding the right one for your skin type, so I definitely recommend to sample it first.

So many places have fukubukuro now, it's kind of random? xD But I like StaBa's one a lot, very useful.

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