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Reverse culture shock
My Tokyo dream is over -for now- and I'm back to my regular, busy life. I don't have so much "post-Japan-blues" this time, because it was simply such a great and perfect time that I want to cherish these memories and not tarnish them with depressive feelings. Gotta keep looking up etc etc geez I'm so positive these days you wouldn't believe it.

Anywhoo, that doesn't mean I don't have a hard time readjusting to my old life style. Occasional Japanese slips when I'm not really paying attention to what I'm saying, I caught myself removing the labels of the bottles before throwing them away, "I've forgotten how cheap/expensive this was", I'm confused that Japan has now become "over there" and is not "here" anymore etc.

But mostly I'm just annoyed how downright RUDE people are here in Europe. Today for example, I was browsing the DVD store with my mom (because I gotta catch up with my shows and that store had 30-50% off). Mom grabs a DVD ("A long weekend") and asks me: "Hey he looks really familiar, do I know him?"
Me: "Yes mom, that's Mr. Reese".*
A couple standing just a few meters next to us half-whispers "OMG he's called Jim Caviezel, know your shit". And then leaves.
My mom was so shocked and I couldn't believe such behavior existed outside the internet.  On the bright side, someone else here watches Person of Interest. Yay?

Later, I'm walking down the street past two men are standing on the sidewalk, smoking, as one notices my boots and comments to his friend "those are some ugly-ass boots". I stop. flabbergasted, turn around and give them the eye. They turn around and walk away hastily.  What. The. Everliving. Fuck.
I know how some people complain the Japanese smile is just polite and fake, but I'll take fake politeness over in-your-face rudeness every time. But maybe that's just me, eh.

*I can't be the only one with parents who can't remember actors' names, right? Please tell me you also refer to them by their characters' names to help your parents.

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You're not the only one. Usually I've to remind her the character name and the show/movie.

I didn't spend as much time as you in Tokyo but I'm still readjusting to the rudeness of people here. Don't worry you'll learn once again to ignore those idiots.

*hugz* see you this weekend

Yupp, see you this weekend!! =)

Welcome back with your parents!!

And people are rude, in my country they give you diferents rude eyes and speak in hush tones and when you look at them they fake they are doing nothing, idk is that is better!!

My neibour hided his boy everytime my kids when to the garden! ( she hated my dad and now me)
Idk really if that is better.

About costumes it must be difficult i think, but it must be good to be with your dad and mum again?
I think it is good idea cherish all your good memories of Japan, and maybe who knows you can comeback someday! :)

About parents, my mother in law knows a lot about actors, so i supose to know about new actors so we can exchange info. Movies is the only real thing we have in common.

My mother doesn't like series too much, so she isn't too intersted in knowing the actors at all except if they are beautiful, or they act in a movie she like, the same with music. I always thought she like Sting music, but really she only liked Sting! He is like a german she knew in one of her travels. Go figures. She also likes Benedict Cumberbach now, so she saw some Sherlock with me, but really! I know Benedict is beautiful i have eyes, but i love more the series and John/Sherlock, and how Benedict carry the character, and the scripst. than only to see the series because benedict is beautiful!! But well my mum is like that so when i say to her that lestrade is beautiful too and Martin had beutiful eyes and smile, she said i had bad taste, because they were old! Ok she 60!
Well stop my rant about my mum!

I hope to see you more!

Person of interest is good? Can you tell me the plot?

Life with my parents is OK I guess, my mum and I go well along, so I don't mind.
And yes I'm definitely going back to Japan =)

Ah your mom is like mine then, she doesn't care AT ALL about actors' private lives or any gossip of any kind. She's just annoyed when she can't remember an actor although she's sure she's seen them in another movie before xD So I bookmarked IMDB for her, haha.

Person of Interest is about former CIA operative John Reese (Jim Caviezel) being recruited by secretive billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson, from LOST) to help him prevent violent crimes. Finch invented a machine that can predict when people are going to be involved in violent happenings, but the machine cannot tell if the person will be victim or perpetrator. Reese must therefore either protect the person from being attacked, or prevent them from doing harm to others.

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Oh sound good i will propose it to my husband for next marathon!

What other series you are watching or you will reconect now?

I'm watching some series with supernatural elements as my new this year like "lost girl", "werehouse 13" and "the grimm" but i still follow my old ones Suits was very good!, for example.

I watched some "elementary" but is not good, Lucy Liu could be better Sherlock, She get the things who resolve the cases anyway and she has more style. I call her partner Sherrinfold, as the elder lost brother of the Holmes and the great mouse detective ;) also he was boyfriend of Irene, he thinks she is dead, had Daddy issues, and has a thing with sex with bondage and one nightstands??? So definetliy not Sherlock Holmes not Arthur Connan Doyle' Sherlock for sure. So Sherrinfold, there i had no problem with him been him. And like Joan Watson never was in the war, had Mummy issues, killed a patient by mistake and that's why she isn't doing doctoring stuff. Well Watson is simply a surname coincidence.

Did you buy more sherlock manga?

About anime

What are you watching?

I'm watching
The queen of the demons and the hero, Mayuu maou yuusha it is really awesome, we love it!
Phycho pass, robothic notes my husband love it,
Zetsuen no tempest, i love it
8 dogs from the east we love it!

I been writing i wrote a sherlock fic in spanish, i'm doing a wip in english with vampires and Sherlock, but John is the vampire, not sherlock he is a consultant hunter and detective as he is normally. And i wrote a fic for star trek too. There are a very long time i didn't write this much. So i'm happy.

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I don't really think that being rude is a european trademark (though i did encounter a hugeass amount twice in paris) but it sounds like you stumbled onto some real rude assholes, what were the chances huh?

Your mom sounds cool though, even if she can't remember actors' names, it's not like she works on imdb right, makes sense for her not to remember every actor.

Also, welcome back, are you gonna depart for Japan again this year?

Alsox2, a friend of my brother travelled to Luxembourg and now that he has returned he said it was really beautiful and well-organized and that i should definitely travel there one day; please tell me you guys know better english than french people and i actually might consider dumping paris and travel at your place instead.

(but Parisians are a special breed of rude people xD)

My mom isn't very interested in actors anyway, so she wouldn't remember the names even if I told her ^^;

I hope I can fly back soon!

Ah, do tell if you're passing by Luxembourg one of these days, I'll be more than happy to welcome you. And yes we speak English, at least all young people had it at school. And with the high number of foreigners we have here, you might encounter some Brits or Americans or others with English as their first/second language.

Oh hahaha I know what you mean. I think the thing that enrages me the most when I come back to Europe from Japan is escalators. Rushing for your train is so much fun when no one seems to agree on which side they should stand /raaaage

Also street harassment. I've never really experienced any in Japan as far as I remember.

And I've never really understood that "fake politeness" thing. Politeness is politeness... right?

Anyway, welcome back~
Glad you had a great time!!

Rushing for your train is so much fun when no one seems to agree on which side they should stand
Oooooh yes, this is such a small thing that makes your day instantly better. As does free tea at the restaurant.

Politeness is politeness... right?
I think so as well. I don't think shop assistants in any country genuinely care about their costumers more than they have to(they work to make a living, happy customers are one thing, bills being paid another. Otherwise they would be voluntary workers). Politeness is something to make social relationships smoother. I don't intend to befriend the clerks, but to be served with the same respect I have for them.

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