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★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

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2015 reading challenge
This year I read 24 books (out of a goal of 25).
You can view it here on Goodreads.

I read 24 books... out of which most were comics and mangas -_-" Not that I'm considering them lesser books, but I wanted to read 25 books, as I already read so many mangas that I don't count them.

To give you an idea, based on how many mangas I bought this year, removing those on my "to read" pile, I must have read over 200 mangas. Which is a good average for me. I've read more in my late teens, but less mid-twenties, now I'm slowly getting back into it.

But since I started reading comics more regularly, I like to keep track of those on goodreads (since I don't own them all, I borrow a lot from my BF) as well as getting recommendations from goodreads.

Book-wise, 2015 was a meagre year. I have considerably less time than in 2014, so I had to be more selective. I'm gald I discovered the "Lunar Chronicles" series, as well as more Rainbow Rowell. Jenny Han doesn't really do it for me anymore, and the Shadowhunter books are getting too lengthy for my liking (let's see if the TV series gets me in the mood again).

Apropos TV series, those distracted me from reading a lot, even though I consume them less than when I downloaded during my uni years (aka bored out of my skull and without TV/Netflix).

For 2016 I'm setting a new goal of 25 books, as well as completing my on-going shows (or at least all the Netflix available episodes). My to-read list is long enough (and incomplete) to keep me going for the next year.

What did you read this year that you feel was noteworthy? What are you expecting in 2016? 

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I can't recall reading anything particularly noteworthy. I just read a lot of cookbooks, like usual.

As for 2016, I'm expecting great things. The most important thing, for me, will be the birth of my first niece or nephew. So, I'm focusing a lot of attention, on preparing for that.

I used to read a lot of books when I was in high school but when I started to read manga,too,I have read even less books! I have tried to start to read more the past year,I was able to read some books but not so much!>,>
But I have found out some "new" authors that I really like! One is Joe Abercrombie! The "Half a King" book was really a good surprise for me! The second book "Half of the world" was good too,but not so good like the first one! Now I'm waiting to read the last one of the trilogy!

Another surprise was Sophie Kinsella's books! I really liked "Finding Audry" , "Do you remeber me?" and "I've got your number"! Sadly I really didn't like the first book of her famous "Shopaholic series"... I'm glad I didn't start to read her books with that series...

Oh,I have even start to read the "Maximum Ride" books! At the moment I have read only the first one but I will read the next one soon!

Thanks to my mother I have even started to read Janet Evanovich's books! They are funny and the story are really good! We both really liked them! My mother has read all of the books at least twice!XD

I don't have some plane for 2016,after all the new's books came so late here in Italy,so...>_>

But I'll totally continue to read the books of this authors!

Oh,and about manga...I have just finished to read "Warau Kanoko-sama" and I can't wait to start to read the sequel "Koi da no Ai da no"! ♥

I'm really curious to watch the Shadowhunter TV Series! Even if I'm so behind with all of the Series that I follow...OTL

Oh,and last but not least "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"!!!!! =D

thanks for reminding me to sign up on Goodreads, it's that thing that's always on my mind to do but never do it; i've been reading many books the last couple years, nearly to the rhythm that I used to when I was in middle-highschool (when I got in uni...yeah not much) so I took the challenge to aim for 35 books this year lol. tall order but still

i am glad to see you still around, happy new year!

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