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★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

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xxxHOLIC ☆ Yuuko - Wish

Please leave a comment saying where you know me from.
And make sure to check my profile for infos on my posts, fandoms, downloading etc.
Commenting here is compulsory, if you don't I won't add you back.

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Sorry for the Off-Topic-Spam, but ... I have no clue who you are, yet you have added me.
And I can't remember why that could have happened XD

Sooo ... could you please unfriend me? XD *cleans up LJ*
Thanks and sorry for the circumstances.

Well it happened for the simple reason that YOU added ME first!
I never add ppl whom I've never talked to (friending memes aside), but I get added A LOT from ppl whom I've never talked to and never talk to me after. I figured you were one of those who were here only for the DDLs and added you back without second thoughts.

*goes unfriending*

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