★ Herping Derping in Tokyo ★

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xxxHOLIC ☆ Yuuko - Wish

Please leave a comment saying where you know me from.
And make sure to check my profile for infos on my posts, fandoms, downloading etc.
Commenting here is compulsory, if you don't I won't add you back.

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May I friend you? I lurk the Gundam 00 community, and you seem nice and entertaining. Hopeing to friend more people and get meself to be a bit more outgoing on lj...

Yes I remember you from the comm^^
Sure, I'll be glad to friend you back, but be aware that this journal is not 100% Gundam and I tend to write random sillyness. If you're ok with this then you're welcome^^ (I wouldn't want to spam your flist without telling you first xD)

It's ok! I don't mind. It will be fun to read =)

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